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ZUBI wireless control kit for 3D Printer

What is ZUBI?

ZUBI is a complete, hardware&software open-source solution, born from 3DWebfier project  to control wireless a 3d Printer from a PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone.


The Zubi board must be connected at USB port of your 3D printer and to WiFi network of home router via the onboard WiFi module with serial interface HLK-RM04.


Based on powerful MCU Microchip PIC32MX250F128 32 bit, 50MHz with a flexible, easy-to-use hardware and upgradable software through a USB stick. It's intended to give to the Makers community an Open option making a very cheap board with minimal components and really easy to realize by itself or during a Fablab Workshop.


Project has been present at Rome Maker Faire in october 2014.

 After test compatibility over a wide variety of 3d Printers, Zubi is available now a Kit for everyone and for Workshop in Fablabs on


Below a complete tutorial to help assemble it in a few minutes.

The ZUBI User Manual