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Build Your Own ZUBI 1.0 born from 3DWebfier Project.

Setting up an ZUBI device.

Within a few minutes you can have a fully working  ZUBI device,  as you will see in this tutorial.

  Project present at Rome Maker Faire 2014 (Fablab Roma Makers)

Area RUBIK - H



 What is ZUBI?

ZUBI is a complete, hardware&software open-source solution, born from 3DWebfier project  to control wireless a 3d Printer from a PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone.

Our original plan was to use a PIC-AP-BOARD in USB Host Mode (or any board with similar characteristics, eg this) connected via USB to the 3D printer and to WiFi network of home router via a WiFi module with serial interface HLK -RM04.

Now we have finally completed the solution, Open and low cost so anyone can make it.

Based on MCU Microchip PIC24FJ64GB002 16 bit, 32MHz with a flexible, easy-to-use hardware and upgradable software. It's intended to give to the Makers community an Open option making a very cheap board with minimal components and really easy to realize by itself.

Two option: Wifi or Bluetooth. It's very very cheap, more or less 12 Euros for BT solution.

 Assembly Plan



Top Component view

Components list

To mount refer number and component

Mount sequence: start from 1x10 2mm Header

Mount sequence: DIL 28 PIN IC Socket

Mount sequence: USB -A Female

Mount sequence: DC Jack Plug

Mount sequence: 100nF Ceramic Capacitor

Mount sequence: PTC Resettable Fuse 0.5A

Mount sequence: 3.3V Low dropout Regulator

Mount sequence: 2x 10uF Electrolitic Capacitors

Mount sequence: 10uF Tantalum Capacitor

Mount sequence: 10Kohm Resistor

Mount sequence: Fit 2x10 2mm Header on HLK-RM04 module

Mount sequence: Assemble HLK-RM04 module on the board

Mount sequence: Zubi completely assembled

Mount sequence: Zubi completely assembled


Loading ZUBI 1.0 firmware

Now the board is finished, we are ready to flash the PIC with the firmware.

We need:

1) Pickit3 Programmer (

2) Mplab IDE 8.66 (

3) ICSP cable

3) ZUBI Serial WIFI Bridge 1.0 firmware

Open MpLab IDE 8.66 and Import the file 3DWebfier SerialWIFI Bridge 1.0.hex

Connect Pickit3 to the Zubi ICSP pads

If need select device pic24fj64gb002

Select Pickit3 Programmers

Power the target board directly from the programmer

Click on the Program button, after few seconds our PIC CPU is flashed

Very well, your ZUBI 1.0 device is ready!

If you need help or a PIC MCU already flashed contact me, mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pay attention! Zubi must be powered with 5 volts constantabsorbs approximately 150 mA.

The positive is on the outer jack.  A common usb charger for mobile phones is enough, just replace the outlet with a micro USB jack male to 5.5 mm

ZUBI Configuration

In the next sections we will provide details about the Web configuration and how to connect to the 3D Printer via Pronterface or our TrediPrint, it is an app to connect your 3D printer via wireless to your Phone. Available on Google Play Store.

Once power on, Zubi is operational in a couple of minutes with his ip (user: admin pwd: admin)

To connect in wifi from PC, Tablet or Smartphone, seeks his hotspot, the name starts with "hlk", followed by the final part of the mac addess, at the password prompt connection, type "12345678"

From its web interface ( can be connected as Client to any WIFI router to manage their internet connection. The module responds to requests WIFI serial address port 8080

You can change the configuration parameters of the serial at

















Virtual Com Port Setup

1)      If not yet installed, download

2)      After the installation launching NNDKVComm.exe, start C:\nburn\VComm\VirtualSErialPorts.exe

 Below the simple configuration  steps on Windows 7 for a Virtual Com Port.


Pronterface Setup

  1. If not yet installed, download from
  2. Extract the compressed file .zip and launch Pronterface.exe file
  3. Select from the list  "PORT" the  COM10 value (matching to the same previous configured from Virtual Port setup program)
  4. Set the speed to value 250000 and click Connect.


Documentation and Links

Firmware ZUBI SerialWIFI Bridge 1.0.hex is available in download section (registered users only)

BOM and Gerber files to realize the PCB are available here.

Below is a video of the test run with ZUBI (previous 3DWebfier)  printer Falla3D ,   PowerWasp 3D printer.