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Zubi unified firmware update

27/01/2015 Firmware ZUBI unified 115 / 250Kbps version 1.1

After the initial phase of testing, we have decided to make available to the users who have made our kit ZUBI, the first unified version that supports 3D printers communicating via USB serial speed of 115 kbit / s or 250 kbit / s (as per Falla 3D printers, Power WASP, Kentstrapper, Sharebot, etc.).

This release introduces two main features:

a) diagnostics to better support our users during troubleshooting

b) transmission speed 115/250 side processor without the need to reload the firmware as in previous versions.

N.B. The speed on wifi module HLK-RM04 goes even set manually from its web interface

the new firmware is available for registered users to download section

In detail:

Diagnostics functionality

1) When Zubi is powered, the led light on for a few seconds and then light off. This condition indicates that the system is properly programmed and ready for use.

2) After the first start, if the jumper JP1 changes status (open / closed) ZUBI sends the current firmware version and the communication speed set, to the control application connected in WIFI (PC, Tablet, Smartphone etc)
ES. Zubi v1.1 speed 250K

3) When you connect a printer to the USB port of ZUBI, if it is recognized then the led light on for the whole duration of the connection.
If the printer is not recognized or is disconnected, the LED remains off.

Function setting speed
When Zubi is powered, if the jumper JP1, located close to the LED, is closed, your module is set to 115K, if JP1 is open, ZUBI is set to 250K.

Functionality working in progress

1) self configuration speed (115k / 250k) of the wifi module HLK-RM04 also, depending on the position of the jumper JP1:
Closed = 115,200
Open = 250,000

2) Integration of an economic SDCARD module for Arduino.
Hooking a reader module SDCARD to the underside of the card ZUBI, we will have the ability to send commands G-code of a file directly from the module without the need of external programs as Pronterface or Repetier Host.

3) Web interface for accessing the internet from ZUBI as cloud, with authentication system to control your printer safely.

For any suggestions or request about new features,  refer please to the section of our Forum

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